Shopping In The South…

I love shopping. I especially love shopping at Walmart. You can find everything imaginable there: food, clothing, shoes, cold medicine, TV’s, and I could go on and on….. I’ve been to Walmart’s all across the United States (and, yes, they all have thirty registers, but only three open); but my favorite Walmart’s are in the […]

How to Stop Bullying…

Bullying cannot be stopped by politicians passing new laws; it cannot be stopped by judges, or lawyers, or the court system. Neither can it be stopped by silly “ant-bullying” campaigns. Bullying can only be stopped one way:   Take a picture or video of it, post it online, and I promise she’ll never bully anyone […]

Grandma Don’t Play…

First of all, I would Like to thank Mrs. Tilly Greenbrier for contributing this story, along with the photos. I know you had a good a reason for sending this to me; a reason I will never question to know why. Your business is your own. The girl depicted in the photo below, had no […]

The Choice

She’d gone to JC Penny that day because of the sale on jeans. She really didn’t need anymore jeans; Dasha had a closet full of them. But, like most women, unable to ignore a good sale, the saucy twenty-three year old grabbed her purse, put her two-year old daughter in her car seat, then headed […]

Hot For Teacher

As an author and corporal punishment advocate, I’m on the road quite a bit. I bet there isn’t a town or city in the deep-South, that I haven’t conducted at least one interview in. I don’t go North of the Mason/Dixon Line, however. Too cold. Too many taxes. Too many Liberals. Most recently, I had […]

What Does She Want….?

    It’s no secret that actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt, lobbied Hollywood for the role of Anastasia Steele in the hit movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. And lobbied hard, too, the way I understand it. My question is, why? Why would a beautiful woman such as her, a successful actress, want millions of people to […]